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    Our own blend of 100% natural wax.
    A warm, inviting glow invites you to come, enjoy your surroundings, hear the soft crackle of the wood wick creating a peaceful world with this 11 oz candle.
    Burn time is over 70 hours.

    Fragrance Spray 1 oz
    Assorted fragrances of the most delightful scents! Choose from our delicious Positively Vanilla, Gardenia, White Lilac, Bliss, or Cucumber Melon Baby!
    Some of the comments have been:
    "You smell like heaven!"
    "You smell like Cotton Candy!"
    "You smell so good!"
    "I love that fragrance!"
    If you want compliments like that, order the Positively Vanilla today!
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    Candles By Me 11 oz
    11 oz. long burning candles with enduring fragrance! Get fragrance to the last drop!
    Colors available by fragrance choice.
    Burn time over 70 hours.
    All our candles come with a "Love It" guarantee.
    Wholesale pricing available to retail organizations only.
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  • Scent Description/Colors

    Candles By Me Fall 2017 Collection

    Apple Cinnamon


    Hot baked apples sprinkled with cinnamon.


    Blueberry Cobbler


    Freshly baked blueberry cobbler straight from grandma's oven.

    By The Fire


    Warm and cozy aroma composed of woods, spices and fresh eucalyptus embodies all the comforts of home.

    Christmas Cookies

    Sweet and Yummy

    Sweet sugary aroma of fresh baked sugar cookies.



    Luscious Berries enhanced by apple slices.​


    Creme Brulee

    Delicious and Yummy

    Rich, creamy French coffee blend.


    Hot Baked Apple Pie

    Yummy and Feel Good

    Aroma of spicy apple pie straight from the oven.




    Classic mulberry enhanced by cinnamon sticks, wild berries, and bitter orange peels.


    Nana's Kitchen

    Comfort In A Glass

    Spicy classic cooking.


    Pumpkin Pie

    Spicy and Yummy

    A Holiday favorite with warm pumpkin rounded with cinnamon and nutmeg. Bring in the Fall with this favorite.


    Peppermint Swirl

    Minty and Sweet

    Ruffled mint leaves that smell just like the candy canes hanging on the tree. 


    Vanilla Spice

    Sweet and Spicy

    Creamy vanilla with delightful notes of cinnamon.

    Welcome Home

    Home Classic and Comforting

    This fragrance is almost indescribable. A warm feeling of coming home to a house filled with aromas of cinnamon leaf, jasmine, agave nectar, fig, and french lavender with a rich base of cypress, cassia root and golden sandalwood.

    Positively Vanilla-Our TOP SELLER!


    Our Best Seller-This one is the OMY!!!

    Whaaattt is that smeellll!!!

    It smells like heaven in here!

    I love it!

    It smells so peaceful!

    It smells like cotton candy!

    These are the typical responses on Positively Vanilla.

    When I use it as a fragrance spray, people go crazy.

    If you read all this, text me. We gotta get together;)

    The true aroma of fresh vanilla beans! We call it Positively Vanilla for all the positive effects of using vanilla fragrance.



  • Candle proof

    • The super easy way to trim wood wicks in #1
    • Demo of why when we say "No smoking", we mean it in #2

    #1 How To Trim Wood Wick Candles

    It's Easy!

    Watch this easy 41 second video of how easy these candles are to maintain.

    #2 Smoke Free Candles

    Candle Challenge Winner!

    Watch why we have a "Love It" guarantee!



    "I absolutely love the candles! They were shipped and wrapped individually with such care. I just lit one of my candles "Positively Vanilla" and my home smelled lovely! My two other candles are "Bliss" and "The King is Coming"...I'm sure that they will smell wonderful. Having someone I can order candles from and have shipped to Hawaii is awesome...I love candles burning in my home especially ones that have a lasting aroma and burn clean. I will be telling my friends about these candles and I will also be ordering more...great gifts for special friends! Thank you Renae❤"-

    Barb C., Hawaii


    "Beautifully crafted candles. I love Bliss! They last long and fill up the whole house. I'm definitely addicted."- Sarah R., Texas

    New York

    "The candles Renea puts out are amazing. The ones she suggested to me were used for relaxation and tranquility and by far have been the best. I would recommend anyone looking for quality candles at great prices to visit."-Andrew C., New York


    "Just ordered few different one. They are amazing, my favorite is definitely the jasmine vanilla!!" -Claudio G., Florida


    "As a long time customer, Candles by Me are the best candles that I have ever used. They burn evenly and there is no waste. They are long lasting and the variety of scents are amazing. You will truly be pleased with these candles."- Naomi R., Oklahoma


    "Love mine I gave the blue one to my daughter."-M. Pollard, Illinois


    "My husband is very sensitive to scents and normally cannot handle candles burning. He is able to tolerate these well. He loves them and so do I!"-

    K. Walker, Texas

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