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What a little flame can do

· Entrepreneurship,Creativity,family

Be the spark that ignites a flame in the lives of others.

One of best candle memories was when I was a teenager. My Dad was an entrepreneur.

He owned an oil company. My Mom was a homemaker. Part of what we did a lot of going out to eat as part of family time. We would go to this place called Milano's. It was dark in there and romantic, actually. There was candlelight. I loved it.

In my late 20s, I discovered some Glade candles at the store. I began burning them...a lot. Something I noticed was how I felt when I would burn those candles. It was relaxing, calming.

In my 30s, I began making them. Something that I noticed was the candles brought us together. We were creating and building things...together.

When I would sit still at night to watch the flame flicker back and forth, I realized the peace I felt inside and all the love I felt in my family and friends, was there burning and bright and strong. A lot like our love.

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